This Terms Project is …

‘Inspirational People’ Project

This term the theme of the school project is ‘Inspirational People’. You need to think of a person who is particularly inspirational to you. It could be somebody famous, a family member or somebody else you know. You need to be able to show/explain how this person has inspired you. If you are wondering what you could do for your project on an inspirational person, here are some ideas to get you started:

You could do:

  • A poem about an inspirational person
  • A fact file or information text about an inspirational person
  • A piece of art work which represents your inspirational person and how they have inspired you
  • A performance, e.g. drama, dance or song reflecting your inspirational person
  • A presentation about your inspirational person

There are many other things you could do-it doesn’t have to be one of the suggestions above. We look forward to seeing your projects when they are finished!


All projects should be handed to Mrs Hill no later than Monday 11th December and will be presented in assembly on Thursday 14th December.