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Learning Attributes Projects

In the Spring term, the theme of the school project will be based on our school’s learning attributes. These are: Resilience, Aspiration, Independence, Curiosity and Reflection. Projects could be about all of these attributes or could focus on just one.  For example, it could be about a person who inspires you for demonstrating one of these particular attributes. Or it could be about things we can do to demonstrate these attributes or how these attributes can help us now and in the future. The possibilities are endless.  If you are wondering what you could do for your project on the learning attributes, here are some ideas to get you started:

You could do:

  • A poem
  • A fact file or information text
  • A piece of art work
  • A presentation
  • A board or card game
  • A role play

There are many other things you could do-it doesn’t have to be one of the suggestions above. We look forward to seeing your projects when they are finished!

Completed projects should be handed to Mrs Hill no later than Monday 25th March 2019.