Medicines and Illness


If your child requires prescribed medication during the school day, please contact the school office to discuss your child’s needs and to complete a ‘Consent Form’.  All medication requirements need to be recorded and we are unable to administer any medication without a completed form.  All medication must be brought to and collected from the office by an appropriate adult.


Homely Administration of Calpol and Piriton

We keep a supply of each in school and occasionally it may be necessary to administer a homely dose of Calpol or Piriton to your child for headache or insect sting.  We would always contact you by phone beforehand and would only administer the dose after mid-day in case a dose has been administered at home before school.  A ‘ Homely Administration Consent Form’ must have been completed for this dose to be administered.


Should my child be at school today


Please click on the icon to the left for guidance.  If you are still unsure please don’t hesitate to contact the school office. 


Many thanks for your co-operation in this matter.