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On Thursday 18th May, we had the opportunity to take a small group of pupils from our school to visit Kidzania in London.  Kidzania is a child-size city with real-life role-play activities designed to teach children essential life skills including financial literacy, team work and independence.

On entering Kidzania, the children were provided with 200 kidzos (Kidzania money). They had the opportunity to spend this money on various activities and goods and they could also earn more kidzos by getting a ‘job’ in the different role play areas.   Role-play activities included being members of the fire brigade, paramedics and police.  There were also opportunities to be television producers, airline pilots, cabin crew, estate agents, food manufacturers, retail assistants and many more.

The children who went thoroughly enjoyed the visit and were talking about their experiences for days afterwards. Their behaviour and maturity on the trip warrants a special mention.  Not only was their behaviour excellent but they also demonstrated bravery and independence in trying out new experiences with children from different schools and backgrounds.  All in all, it was a great day and an amazing experience.