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Health & Wellbeing

Below is a list of some websites that you could use.

All of the websites are completely FREE however, some of them might require a username and password. Any information you need is listed below. – This site has a range of different activities, exercises, games and videos for you to use as a tool to help you feel calmer and to help you release some of the stress and worries you may have. – This site has a range of different videos and songs to keep you active whilst learning about different areas of the school curriculum. – This site has some good resources that you may wish to print at home to help you maintain a positive and healthy mindset. – This website has a range of different stories that are read aloud. You could think about how the characters are feeling at different points in the story and what you could do to help them. – This is a calendar with 30 different actions to help you look after yourself and your family members. You could try one each day of month. – This Youtube site has a range of different workout videos to keep you active at home. A new workout is available each morning.