Egg to Chicks

Chick – by Joseph 5W

Soggy, darkness surrounds me as I peck desperately on the hard, unescapable walls of my eggshell prison. Faint sounds of inspiring words fill my heart with strength and I try, with all my might, to break this endless struggle inside this unbreakable egg. Violently, I tilt my egg from side to side, wondering if I would ever get out. Finally, after what seems like a thousand years, a large crack appears just to the left of me. Cautiously, I poke my tiny wet beak out of the crack and yell in celebration. As the light floods in, I begin to gulp down the tasteless, sticky web that has kept me safe for all this time. I begin head-butting the shell wall, widening the crack. Suddenly, my safe home collapses all around me and I dive out into the unknown. Freedom. Fresh air flows through my lungs and I lie motionless, tired from the struggle of breaking free. Warmth beats down on my bedraggled feathers, soaked in the remnants of my yolk. I feel like I could chirp forever, but suddenly, hunger dawns on me and I gaze helplessly at the remainder of my shell. I have done the impossible task. What feels like a million eyes, gaze down at me taking in every part of my tiny frame. The wide eyed faces goggle at me in awe. My thin, bony legs feel weak and unstable so I continue to lie down on my back as a cold breeze blows through my first feathers. This is what life is like then.